Project Description

The Challenge

Activision was in the final stages of development for what would become a new genre of gaming: toys-to-life. To help understand the tween boy target during final stages of game development and promotional strategy planning, Activision/Blizzard needed a trusted connection to the behaviors, attitudes, and aspirations of the target audience.

The Solution

KidSay provided Activision teams with a Trend Tracker deep dive into their target market. We then facilitated recruitment of both kids and their moms for research on Skylanders as a concept and as a product, including the best ways to reach their intended customers.

The Impact

Skylanders has now earned well over $4 billion globally. Much of the US-sales success has been attributed by the Skylanders team to KidSay’sTrend Tracker reports profound business intelligence it provided in helping them both understand how and where to reach kids, and what they should be doing there. Social, developmental and trend insights helped the team understand their tween boy target to shape the development of further iterations of the game.