Project Description

The Challenge

Lucas Candies traditionally produced kid targeted confectionary products for the Hispanic market sold both in Mexico and the US. In addition to this important segment, our client was developing products for the broader general population kids market. They understood the profound impact of KidSay’s school-based methodology to do product testing before going to market.

The Solution

KidSay interviewed over 400 six-to-11 year old boys and girls (half of them general population, the other half Hispanic) to determine which concepts had the most potential to succeed. The General Population sample tested 20 concepts. The Hispanic sample tested the same 20 concepts plus additional concepts targeted to the Hispanic population.

The Impact

Candy concept testing uncovered distinct preferences in texture, consistency and flavor along with understanding that concepts including a “surprise” toy scored high. The findings of the study and analysis provided by KidSay enabled Lucas to build a clear business case to move forward into production with prodcts with a greater capacity for success with the general US youth population.