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The Authority in Youth Trends, Market Research and Strategy

KidSay is a full-service youth trend forecasting, brand strategy and generational market research firm. We deliver proven expertise helping agencies, corporations and non-profit partners anticipate youth market trends and cultural shifts to effectively plan for today, and prepare for the future.

Since 1997 (long before the “Gen Z” bandwagon), KidSay has been working with brands to understand and tap into the mindset of youth and family segments who influence and drive brand growth. We are the only resource providing data-driven research and strategy based on a 15-year trend tracking history to over 6,000 kids, tweens, teens and young adults fielded in-person six times per year. We observe young people’s stories as they are taking place, providing you the intelligence you need, when you need it.

KidSay’s Leadership

Bob Reynolds
Founder / President

Terence Burke
SVP Research & Editor-in-Chief Trend Tracker

Ryan Scofield
VP Marketing

Debbie Stefanatos
VP Operations

Advisory Team

Gregg Witt
Youth Cultural Strategy

Ali Pohn
Moderator & Qualitative Insights

Keith Murphy
Quantitative Research


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