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  • What is Trend Tracker?

    For over a decade, KidSay has asked kids (5-15) about themselves. Their likes; their dislikes. Their attitudes; their aspirations. The insights delivered through KidSay’s Trend Tracker keeps companies immersed in kid EVERY day, not just during special projects.

    Quantitative and Qualitative Research

    Trend Tracker, published 5x annually with 5 additional “specialty” segments available, contains data gathered from our in-school  pencil and paper surveys with 65% open-ended questions . In addition to all the the qualitative data gathered from these surveys, Trend Tracker boasts an executive summary with insights from our kid experts, boy & girl shop-alongs, as well as many other quantitative data mash-ups and qualitative supplements.

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  • Why Trend Tracker?

    Kids’ influence is widespread.  It’s not just toys and candy.
    Kids influence spending on everything from family vacations to carrots.

    Trend Tracker not only presents a clear picture of current kid trends, but also serves as a crystal ball giving KidSay & Tracker subscribers a look to the future.

  • Nearly (half)


    of US retail spending

    is influenced by kids.