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  • twitter-is-flying-with-kids: 48.9% of teen girls use twitter - © KidSay9

    Twitter is Flying with Kids

    Teen girls were first, of course. Almost half of American girls ages 12-15 are now using Twitter.  That’s an eight-fold increase since 2009, the year KidSay first began asking kids about Twitter use. The ability to quickly scan through a relatively clutter-free Twitter feed (compared to Facebook’s) keeps girls connected and in the know. Thus, […]

  • Teen Girls 'Unliking' Facebook

    Teen Girls ‘Unliking’ Facebook

    Facebook’s fall from its once dominant perch atop the list of teen girls’ favorite websites is nearly complete. The social network giant, once the go-to website for teens, is now just a bit player in their media world. Facebook’s drop is not a sign that teens are moving away from social media. They aren’t – […]