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  • Eating out tops moms' list of spending cut plans. For the first time 'toys' is not topping the list.

    Moms Plan Spending Cuts

    89% of moms of kids 5-7 years old plan to spend the same or more on their child next year. Most of these moms also contemplate where, when, and if she should cut back on her spending. While ‘planning on spending the same or more’ and ‘looking to cut’ are contradictory goals, considering them is […]

  • 74% increase of moms (of kids ages 5-7 years old) plan on spending more on their child than a year ago

    Moms of Some Generation Z Kids Plan to Spend More

    We previously chronicled the change of opinion Generation Z kids have had about the economy. We took a long-term view, comparing their 2010 concerns about jobs and the economy to their 2015 views. What we saw was a reflection of the greatly improved economic situation. Now let’s look at data indicating moms of some Generation […]

  • Generation Z Economic Indicators

    Generation Z Economic Indicators

    When it comes to Generation Z economic indicators these kids aren’t concerned with long-term interest rates. They aren’t knowledgeable about the Dow or sensitive to the Consumer Price Index. What they are concerned with, knowledgeable about and sensitive to is the economics of their family. That’s why the way kids feel about the economy is […]

  • Generation Z Plays a Part in Music Sales Decline

    Generation Z Plays a Part in Music Sales Decline

    The latest Nielsen SoundScan reports that music sales continued to fall over the first half or 2014. And the future looks even bleaker for music sales as Generation Z told KidSay that they’re turning elsewhere for the tunes they love. The place they’re turning to is YouTube. It’s the ‘coolest’ place kids ages 8- 15 […]