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The decisive direction you need to drive business with Gen Z young kids, tweens, & teens.


Who We Serve

Just a few of the brands that have trusted KidSay to help drive business.


Why They Trust KidSay

KidSay is a direct connection to tens of thousands of America’s kids through our network of schools. Screened by adults who know them impartially, their teachers, this yields the most valid and reliable quantitative numbers in the business. It also provides a qualitative advantage that allows KidSay to meet kids on their turf.

Trend Trackers Trend Tracker

The “secret weapon” of many kid industry executives.

Five times each year KidSay’s Trend Trackers provides the freshest data and expert analysis in numerous categories. Entertainment media, famous people and characters, digital & devices, food & beverage, spending & shopping, toys & play, apparel, and lifestyle are all covered each and every publication.

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Other Services

  • Kid and Teacher Panels (focus groups)

    Want to know what kids are thinking or what Teachers see and hear kids buzzing about? Join us for a panel and hear opinions that influence the success of your business straight from the source.

    Kid Immersion

    More than just a presentation or report, Kid Immersion is how KidSay brings the kid world to life right in front of your eyes. Equal parts live mom and kid discussion panel, immersive info hunt with staged kid rooms and kid factoids that services your companies needs. Kid Immersions allows you to directly interact with kids in a research experience like no other.

  • Shop-alongs (Kid Profiles)

    In Trend Tracker you’ll find shop-along reports we call Kid Profiles. The profiles take you, the reader, along for a shopping experience detailing the process and decision making and include pictures of the kids room and information favorite things gathered in a follow-up interview. Kid Profiles are seen in every Trend Tracker.

    Custom Projects & Presentations

    We said we’re full-service right? It would just be lip service if we didn’t offer custom presentations, and provide the ability to do just about any research project you can dream up. By the way, our presentations get rave reviews. Trend Tracker’s Editor-in-Chief, Terence Burke, sets the bar with his dynamic and engaging presentations that both entertain and give your team solid action areas that will help align your business with the ever-changing world of kids.