• tweens and smartphones

    Tweens and Smartphones: To Own is to Love

    While they’re still not as committed to their phones as teens are, tween’s move away from the tablet and towards the phone is changing their media habits. The phone becomes a kid’s indispensable device almost immediately upon acquiring one. The percentage of tweens who own phones will continue to rise. Once they have one, it […]

  • gender inclusion

    Gender Inclusion – Does it Really Make Sense For Your Brand?

    Our understanding of gender is evolving. That creates opportunities for gender inclusion your brands, and the products offered within those brands. You must activate the products in a way that doesn’t diminish your current appeal; otherwise, you’ll be borrowing from Peter to pay Paula. (Or worse, sabotaging your relationship with Peter because you’re speculating that […]

  • YouTube Celeb Merch - 48% of kids have seen something on YouTube they want to buy

    Kids Making YouTube Celeb Merch the New Band T-shirt

    Nearly half (48%) of U.S. tweens and teens (ages 8-15) say they’ve seen something on YouTube they want to buy according to KidSay’s Mid-Year Trend Tracker. That’s a lot of kids consciously naming YouTube as a source of product discovery and increase in purchase intent. When you factor in how the subconscious mind works, YouTube […]

  • Eating out tops moms' list of spending cut plans. For the first time 'toys' is not topping the list.

    Moms Plan Spending Cuts

    89% of moms of kids 5-7 years old plan to spend the same or more on their child next year. Most of these moms also contemplate where, when, and if she should cut back on her spending. While ‘planning on spending the same or more’ and ‘looking to cut’ are contradictory goals, considering them is […]

  • 74% increase of moms (of kids ages 5-7 years old) plan on spending more on their child than a year ago

    Moms of Some Generation Z Kids Plan to Spend More

    We previously chronicled the change of opinion Generation Z kids have had about the economy. We took a long-term view, comparing their 2010 concerns about jobs and the economy to their 2015 views. What we saw was a reflection of the greatly improved economic situation. Now let’s look at data indicating moms of some Generation […]

  • Generation Z Economic Indicators

    Generation Z Economic Indicators

    When it comes to Generation Z economic indicators these kids aren’t concerned with long-term interest rates. They aren’t knowledgeable about the Dow or sensitive to the Consumer Price Index. What they are concerned with, knowledgeable about and sensitive to is the economics of their family. That’s why the way kids feel about the economy is […]

  • Digital tweens' internet activity -- The most popular things tweens do on the internet involve entertainment.

    Digital Tweens: A Peek Into Their World

    How much are tweens using the Internet? How are they accessing it? What are they doing on it? What websites are they visiting? Which are their favorites and why? We don’t need to explain why the questions above are now some of most relevant for you ask as you seek to engage kids. Over the […]

  • Tweens, YouTube & Clustersharing

    Culture Vulture Live: Tweens, YouTube & Clustersharing

    If you aren’t familiar with Clustersharing and how it might impact your brand, check out this 92 second video from Mindshare North America’s Culture Vulture Live. It uses recent KidSay research and analysis to help you understand the revolutionary changes that are reshaping the digital landscape of kids. As one of America’s premier kid – […]

  • Tweens YouTube Clustersharing

    YouTube and the Rise of Clustersharing

    In less than ten years, YouTube has emerged as a major cultural force. Over six billion hours of video are watched each month, with consumers uploading over 100 hours of video each minute. And its usage is broad, with more than 1 billion consumers visiting YouTube each month. Among these users are an increasing number […]

  • © KidSay 2014

    Four Insights from Kids’ Favorite Movies

    Asking kids about their ‘favorite movie’ reveals more than just a list of the most successful box office releases in recent history. Beyond the surface of kids’ responses, you’ll find general themes that resonate with kids. Take a look at the top ‘favorite movie’ responses below (taken from the 2014 June/July Trend Tracker) and the […]

  • Adam Sandler's ranking by age/gender segment since 2001.

    Will Kids Head to Netflix for a New Sandler Fix?

    News of a four-movie deal between Adam Sandler and Netflix got KidSay thinking about Sandler’s success with kids. Adam Sandler is one of the few names that has been mentioned as a “favorite actor/actress” by kids in every Trend Tracker survey since the beginning in 2001. KidSay thought it would be fun to map out Sandler’s “favorite […]

  • Gatekeeper_AA14

    MomSay: Gatekeeper’s Perspective on Music

    Below are a few insightful excerpts from our MomSay interviews for the 2014 African-American Trend Tracker. For more, contact KidSay about your subscription today. Tatiana – mother of 9 year old Natalia   Joulene – mother of 8 year old Derrick