KidSay Called It

Kid trends we predicted in Trend Tracker.


In May of 2009, when the rumors first emerged of a Avengers movie, KidSay predicted a huge success at the box-office. Fast-forward to the summer of 2012 and you see just how accurate our prediction was.


We predicted in our 2010 June/July Trend Tracker that DVR will change the way kids watch TV. KidSay said that we "speculate that its growing presence is the reason that less kids report watching shows online than they did in ’08 and early ’09." In our 2012 June/July Trend Tracker, we reported that 85% of kids had a DVR in their home. We also noted that over 2/3 of kids 'rarely' or 'never' watch the commercials. This shows that our prediction is accurate; DVR is changing the way kids watch TV!


Terence wrote in our Nov/Dec 2009 Tracker that "eBooks will EVENTUALLY be a major player in how kid readers experience the written word." While the Kindle was aimed at adults, we knew that kids would love to use it. Our Sept/Oct 2010 Tracker showed our prediction was accurate. Even though it was still listed as an adult item, more kids were using the Kindle, especially girls!"


Our Sept/Oct 2010 Tracker showed that e-readers were gaining popularity. While this market is still expanding, we were the first to notice their potential popularity.


"Tablets will be kid owned and operated devices within 5 years." This was stated by Terence Burke in our 2011 April/May Trend Tracker when discussing whether parents will hand down their electronics or will buy their kids their own tablet. One year later, in our 2012 Year End Trend Tracker, 65% of kids say their family owns a tablet computer. While this does not mean kids have their own personal tablet, this shows that our prediction is right on track! Give it another couple of years and we will see a HUGE difference in "kid owned" tablets!

Green Day

Green Day was recognized in our Feb/March 2007 Tracker for their dropping numbers. Terence wrote that Green Day "enjoyed the longest musical reign in Tracker history, having been the overall #1 in 9 of the previous 10 Trackers. That’s an unprecedented 2-year run! Unless they come out with an album soon, expect their numbers to continue to drop." We checked on their numbers in our April/May 2007 Tracker. They were listed as the #1 favorite for tween boys, but their numbers were falling in all the other categories.

Fall Out Boy

Fall Out Boy was a rising star in our June/July 2007 Tracker. The punk band became known through their #1 single, "This Ain’t a Scene, It’s an Arms Race” and for their cross-gender appeal. Terence Bruke noted that "they represent the #1 rock act in this Tracker, edging out long-term favorites, Green Day." We kept our eye on the band to see if they would stay in the top 10. In our Sept/Oct 2007 Tracker, Fall Out Boy was listed as a "Favorite Band/Singer."


Skillet made their debut in our April/May 2010 Tracker. Terence said that we would keep our eyes (and ears) open for them in the coming months. While they started disappearing for awhile, they came back on our radar in our June/July 2011 Tracker. Since their re-appearance, they have been among our "Favorite Band/Singer" chart.

One Direction

In early 2012 hardly anyone knew who One Direction was. In the 2012 February/March Trend Tracker we told subscribers it appeared "as if One Direction is poised to become this generation’s Backstreet Boys or ’N Sync." Then, in the 2012 April/May Trend Tracker, the data showed the obsession driven by tween girls over the UK boy band had begun!

Thrift Shop by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

In our 2012 Year End Trend Tracker, Terence Burke said "if it’s not #1 by the time you read this, we think it will be soon. Thrift shop’ by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Wanz is an infectious song that extols the virtues of a thrift shop wardrobe." The song is now number 2 song on itunes and number 1 on billboard hot 100 for four weeks so far.

Family Guy

In 2006 February/March Trend Tracker, Terence wrote, "Not to brag or anything, but we told you in September '04 of the opportunity to license this show BEFORE its revival on Fox." In 2006, Family Guy became the #1 favorite among teen boys. KidSay called it!


In our April/May 2006 Tracker, we said to watch out for Naruto, an anime show from Cartoon Network. Terence wrote that the time is ripe to secure Naruto licensing opportunities. In our Sept/Oct 2006 Tracker, we showed that Naruto was solidifying its presence, ranking #4 with tween boys and #7 in both teen groups. One reason? They like the fighting.

High School Musical

KidSay said in our 2006 November/December Trend Tracker "the movie that KidSay predicts will have the most significant impact on movies for ’07—and potentially for years to come—is 'High School Musical.'” High School Musical was still going strong as the #2 overall DVD in the 2008 November/December Trend Tracker.


Since when have boys liked a CREATIVE video game? Well, we called it in our April/May 2011 Tracker. Minecraft, a sandbox game, has become a favorite among boys. This game allows boys to create a virtual world without having to follow a specific progression. Terence said, "today we see that it is living up to its potential: it’s now a favorite video game, favorite tablet game, and favorite virtual world website for boys." In our 2012 Year End Trend Tracker, we referred back to our initial 'new item' for 'favorite website' and said, 'We called it.' Minecraft is a game designed to allow creativity and freedom, as opposed to other video games.

Adventure Time

KidSay said in our 2010 June/July Trend Tracker that "'Adventure Time' will NOT BE A MASSMARKET HIT with tween or teen boys. What it MAY become is a ‘cult hit,’ with a loyal following of those who embrace the ‘weird’ in life." We were correct. Adventure Time continued being mentioned as a favorite TV show. The success of Adventure Time was most notable with tween boys, though tween girls and teen boys also have noted some inclination for it.

Silly Bandz

In April/May 2010, we predicted that Silly Bandz were going to be a huge hit! Our next tracker showed that kids were going crazy for them! While Silly Bandz had not gone around the country yet, we showed that the kids who loved them, loved them a lot. KidSay said "Perhaps it’s time to get kids wearing Silly Bandz in the shape of your product, logo, or licensed character."


KidSay predicted in 2004 that Heelys would become a hot brand of footwear for tweens. Terence said that "it took a while for that prediction to come true; nonetheless, ’06 was the year that many kids were wheeling as frequently as they were walking."


We reported that there was a growing popularity of Converse in our 2006 April/May Trend Tracker. The trend was growing among all regular Tracker age/gender segments. Our 2006 November/December Trend Tracker showed that Converse were the shoe of the year. Terence said that "the variety of classic Chuck Taylor’s available, the upper-end chic of their vintage Jack Purcell line, and the increased popularity of Dwyane Wade and his basketball shoes have all contributed to kids once again making Converse-sation about this resurgent brand."


We noticed that teen girls were moving towards Vans in our 2007 April/May Trend Tracker. Terence said that "there is also a some stirring in the girls 8-11 region." We wondered if was just a fad or a starting trend, so we decided to keep track. Our June/July 2007 Tracker showed that Vans was among the top for "coolest brand of shoes" and remains highly ranked on with kids overall.

Miley & Max (Miley's line)

Our 2009 November/December Trend Tracker said that tween girls liked the Miley and Max clothing line at Walmart. KidSay stated, "Miley and Max make Walmart 'Cool' for Tween Girls." Even though this line launched in August 2009, we were confident that tween girls will flock to it. In our 2010 April/May Trend Tracker, the Miley and Max clothing line were among the tween girl favorites for "favorite brand of clothes."

Hot Cheetos

Flamin' Hot Cheeetos are HOT! We called their pending popularity in our June/July 2011 Tracker and in our 2012 African American Tracker, we were able to say, "we told ya so." Terence said, "Check out these awesome snacks; but be warned, you might become addicted!


In our 2011 June/July Trend Tracker, KidSay said that, "like with Flamin’ Hot Cheetos and War Heads before them, there’s a challenge element to eating Takis, particularly the Fuego and Nitro versions." In our 2012 African American Tracker, we showed that Takis were not only hot in spiciness, but also hot in popularity! Terence said that Takis "are the fastest rising snack in Tracker history."

Pizza (school lunch)

In our April/May 2007 Tracker, we asked kids about their favorite school food. They responded with pizza! We said that as long as things change, the more they stay the same; so schools would need to continue their pizza lunches. Terence showed in our 2007 June/July Trend Tracker that pizza was "#1 overall at 23%. #1 in every gender/age segment as "favorite food school provide for lunch". Tween boys gave it the most ringing endorsement with 29% of their votes. This rises to 36% if you add their #2 response, Domino’s Pizza, into the mix".

Guitar Hero

In our 2006 September/October Trend Tracker, we told you about a new game called Guitar Hero. Terence explained, "Guitar Hero, which lets kids 'play' a guitar along with a variety of classic rock tunes, may be the next. Its initial rankings (#6 with tween girls, T #10 with teen girls) indicate that it's on its way." In our 2007 November/December Trend Tracker, we reported that it was the video game of the year!

Nintendo Wii

We were confident in our 2007 February/March Trend Tracker that Nintendo Wii would be the system at the forefront of a gaming revolution. Terence said that it would become the coolest "must have" item out there! "Nintendo’s Wii is THE hottest up and coming item right now in the world of gaming. Boys, the early adapters in this category, already are making Wii a ‘gotta get’." In our 2007 June/July Trend Tracker, Wii was listed as a favorite among both boys and girls as the "new toy kids would like to have".

Dance Dance Revolution

Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) was listed in our 2007 February/March Trend Tracker as Bubbling Up trend among kids. Terence said, "a "KidChance" suggestion in February ’06 recommended that the rising popularity of ‘active’ video games (particularly ‘Dance Dance Revolution') was a chance to win over kids AND parents with games that rejected the sedentary, couch-potato nature of the vast majority of video games." Kids LOVE to dance, so we knew this would be a hit among teens and tweens. Our 2007 June/July Trend Tracker showed that it was a "Favorite Video Game Tween/Teen Breakout."

Moshi Monsters was designed for kids to customize and care for monsters. We predicted the website's success in our 2010 June/July Trend Tracker. KidSay said, "The site has been growing exponentially, and appears poised to reach the critical mass in the U.S. necessary to make it a mega social networking hit with young kids." The website maintained a presence as a "favorite website". Kids, aged 5-7, proved huge fans of this site!

Rachel McAdams

became a favorite among teen girls. In our 2006 February/March Trend Tracker, Terence said that Rachel McAdams would rise up the favorite actress list. She starred in 'The Notebook' and 'Mean Girls' and we thought that she was the reason for the success of those movies. In our 2006 April/May Trend Tracker, Rachel was listed as a top favorite among teen girls.

Wiz Khalifa

Wiz Khalifa, an American rapper, was noticed in our April/May 2011 Tracker. Terence noted that teen boys tend to listen to him for an edgier style of music. Competing with Drake for his fanbase, Wiz Khalifa is growing in popularity. As of 2013 September/October Trend Tracker Wiz continued to appear as "Favorite Band/Singer" within .5 percentage points of Drake.

Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade showed his rising popularity in our 2006 June/July Trend Tracker. KidSay predicted that he would even convert some of Kobe's fans. In our 2006 September/October Trend Tracker, Wade became the #1 favorite! He even bumped Michael Jordan off the top of our "Favorite Sports Star" list!