Digital Tweens: A Peek Into Their World

  1. Digital tweens' internet activity -- The most popular things tweens do on the internet involve entertainment.

How much are tweens using the Internet? How are they accessing it? What are they doing on it? What websites are they visiting? Which are their favorites and why?

We don’t need to explain why the questions above are now some of most relevant for you ask as you seek to engage kids. Over the past decade there has been an exponential increase in tweens’ use of the Internet. The Internet has become such a large part of their lives that they often don’t realize they’re on it. Correspondingly, there’s been a proliferation of app enabled devices and websites for kids to enjoy, including a myriad of social networks and virtual worlds.

Digital Tweens: A Peek Into Their World” helps shed light on tweens’ internet usage and gives you a foundational response to the biggest question: How do I use this information to help my brand connect to and relate with our tween audience?

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Research led by
Renee Weber, – VP Consumer Strategy and Research  – The Marketing Store
& Terence Burke, VP Qualitative Research – KidSay