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  • tweens and smartphones

    Tweens and Smartphones: To Own is to Love

    While they’re still not as committed to their phones as teens are, tween’s move away from the tablet and towards the phone is changing their media habits. The phone becomes a kid’s indispensable device almost immediately upon acquiring one. The percentage of tweens who own phones will continue to rise. Once they have one, it […]

  • gender inclusion

    Gender Inclusion – Does it Really Make Sense For Your Brand?

    Our understanding of gender is evolving. That creates opportunities for gender inclusion your brands, and the products offered within those brands. You must activate the products in a way that doesn’t diminish your current appeal; otherwise, you’ll be borrowing from Peter to pay Paula. (Or worse, sabotaging your relationship with Peter because you’re speculating that […]

  • YouTube Celeb Merch - 48% of kids have seen something on YouTube they want to buy

    Kids Making YouTube Celeb Merch the New Band T-shirt

    Nearly half (48%) of U.S. tweens and teens (ages 8-15) say they’ve seen something on YouTube they want to buy according to KidSay’s Mid-Year Trend Tracker. That’s a lot of kids consciously naming YouTube as a source of product discovery and increase in purchase intent. When you factor in how the subconscious mind works, YouTube […]

  • Eating out tops moms' list of spending cut plans. For the first time 'toys' is not topping the list.

    Moms Plan Spending Cuts

    89% of moms of kids 5-7 years old plan to spend the same or more on their child next year. Most of these moms also contemplate where, when, and if she should cut back on her spending. While ‘planning on spending the same or more’ and ‘looking to cut’ are contradictory goals, considering them is […]

  • 74% increase of moms (of kids ages 5-7 years old) plan on spending more on their child than a year ago

    Moms of Some Generation Z Kids Plan to Spend More

    We previously chronicled the change of opinion Generation Z kids have had about the economy. We took a long-term view, comparing their 2010 concerns about jobs and the economy to their 2015 views. What we saw was a reflection of the greatly improved economic situation. Now let’s look at data indicating moms of some Generation […]

  • © KidSay 2014

    Four Insights from Kids’ Favorite Movies

    Asking kids about their ‘favorite movie’ reveals more than just a list of the most successful box office releases in recent history. Beyond the surface of kids’ responses, you’ll find general themes that resonate with kids. Take a look at the top ‘favorite movie’ responses below (taken from the 2014 June/July Trend Tracker) and the […]

  • Gatekeeper_AA14

    MomSay: Gatekeeper’s Perspective on Music

    Below are a few insightful excerpts from our MomSay interviews for the 2014 African-American Trend Tracker. For more, contact KidSay about your subscription today. Tatiana – mother of 9 year old Natalia   Joulene – mother of 8 year old Derrick

  • Generation Z Plays a Part in Music Sales Decline

    Generation Z Plays a Part in Music Sales Decline

    The latest Nielsen SoundScan reports that music sales continued to fall over the first half or 2014. And the future looks even bleaker for music sales as Generation Z told KidSay that they’re turning elsewhere for the tunes they love. The place they’re turning to is YouTube. It’s the ‘coolest’ place kids ages 8- 15 […]

  • One Direction: cross-promotion kings: Kik Messenger, WoozWorld, Jason Derulo

    One Direction: Cross-Promotion Kings

    Like King Midas, when a strong kid brand moves into proximity of another brand, the latter brand is often turned to kid gold. One Direction, or 1D, is currently the best example of that golden touch in action. When 1D skyrocketed to the top of KidSay’s Trend Tracker favorite band/singer charts in May 2012, who knew that Harry, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Liam, as a band and as individuals, would become the reigning kings of cross-promotional […]

  • WorldCup-KidScoop

    EA Sports’ FIFA Game Helps Soccer Win with Kids

    The FIFA World Cup bug has bitten the US.  Apparently biting is something with which FIFA has issues. All kidding aside, KidSay would like to offer you some bites of our quantitative results showing the insurmountable evidence – soccer’s influence on America’s kids is increasing. For kids ages 8-15, FIFA is not necessarily the governing […]

  • Teen Girls 'Unliking' Facebook

    Teen Girls ‘Unliking’ Facebook

    Facebook’s fall from its once dominant perch atop the list of teen girls’ favorite websites is nearly complete. The social network giant, once the go-to website for teens, is now just a bit player in their media world. Facebook’s drop is not a sign that teens are moving away from social media. They aren’t – […]

  • most kids use the internet daily for fun and friends

    Most Kids Use the Internet Daily for Fun and Friends

    America’s kids use the internet for just about everything – playing games, watching videos, maintaining social connections, listening to music, and even doing homework.  This makes the internet as integral a part of their lives as it is for adults because it provides connection to what they value. Most kids use the internet daily for […]